Research Overview

Five areas of research and development to safeguard essential functions following major earthquakes or other catastrophic disasters affecting large cities.


Theme 1

Ensuring structural safety

Develop and improve technology related to earthquake resistance, vibration control, and base isolation to secure the safety of structural systems. These are strong areas of interest at Tokyo Tech.

Theme 2

Safety verification of seismic devices

Standardize performance verification methods for seismic devices and propose as international standards. This is because full-scale testing has not been conducted on earthquake-resistant components intended for use in high-rise buildings.

Theme 3

Maintaining functionality

Advance development in earthquake resistance of nonstructural building components such as walls and ceilings. This is an area that has not yet been widely studied, but will have an impact on maintaining functionality within a building.

Theme 4

Quantification of safety and functionality

Develop monitoring systems to quantify of building safety and functionality. Researchers in various areas of sensor technology will play a central role in this effort.

Theme 5

Ensuring peace of mind

Identify ways to disseminate safety information to the public and ensure peace of mind.

This is an area that has been largely neglected by researchers and technologists in the field, but is also critical to the safeguarding of essential functions. Because a breakdown of reliable information in large, densely populated cities increases the likelihood of panic and confusion, we have invited experts on the psychological and physiological influences of disasters to join in developing information dissemination methods to ensure people’s safety and peace of mind.


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